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2017/2018 Cooperative Difference Survey Project Overview

Since 2004, Touchstone Energy has built a base of market intelligence that helps us better understand how members of various age groups respond to our 'Cooperative Difference.' This ongoing research serves as the cornerstone for our brand’s strategic direction and secures a strong foundation for future program development.

What’s New for 2017/2018?

This year's study will take a deeper look into issues impacting consumers of electricity including energy efficiency, the economy, technology, and core cooperative services. In addition, the 2017/2018 effort will continue to highlight research on emerging technologies and their impact on cooperative members. Results will provide your cooperative with important direction on key messages for engaging members, legislators, and key community leaders.

Help Us Highlight Your Success Story for the Best Practices Knowledgebase

Each year, Touchstone Energy analyzes the survey data to identify cooperatives that excel in areas that are critical to building engagement with our members. By participating in this year’s study, you can benchmark your cooperative’s performance against your local, regional, and national peer groups. This external perspective allows you to identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. Let other cooperatives learn from your success by being eligible for inclusion in Touchstone Energy’s Best Practices Knowledgebase.


Now, more than ever, electric cooperatives must depend on accurate and reliable market intelligence to guide strategic decisions impacting members for years to come. Register today and join the growing list of cooperatives who will receive timely and critical member feedback by participating in the 2017/2018 Cooperative Difference research study!

Reports will contain the following information:

Core Deliverables
  • American Consumer Satisfaction Index
  • Member Engagement Index
  • Member ratings on core service, image and community activities
  • Key drivers analysis of satisfaction and member engagement
  • Technology utilization and social media behaviors
  • Demographic breakdown of your membership
New areas of exploration
  • Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations
  • In-home battery storage
  • Renewable Energy
  • Demand Response Programs

Fieldwork will begin in 4th Quarter 2017 and will continue through 1st Quarter 2018. Interviews will be structured to gain feedback from a broad and representative cross-section of each participating cooperative's membership. Reports will be available in 2nd quarter 2018.

Participating in the 2017/2018 Cooperative Difference Survey remains a great value. You will receive a customized report complete with cooperative specific results and comparisons to the National Benchmark group of cooperative members. The base residential survey option includes 250 member interviews and the ability to add up to four cooperative specific questions. Pricing for the base residential survey option is $10,500. For cooperatives requiring additional statistical precision, TSE Services offers an oversample option which includes 400 member interviews for $13,000.

For a printable .pdf overview of the 2017/2018 Touchstone Energy Cooperative Difference Survey, download here.

To sign up for the 2017/2018 Touchstone Energy Cooperative Difference Survey, click here.

Research Program Options
Survey Segment Pricing Details
RESIDENTIAL MEMBER SURVEY - Base Option Includes 250 RESIDENTIAL member interviews and cooperative specific report for $10,500.
RESIDENTIAL MEMBER SURVEY - Oversample Option Includes 400 RESIDENTIAL member interviews and cooperative specific report for $13,000.