Customized Market Research: The Power of Aggregation

Customized Market Research: The Power of Aggregation

Strategic Decisions Require Accurate and Insightful Market Intelligence

Today’s business leaders are faced with increasingly complex decisions.  Timely market analysis and consumer research provides decision-makers with actionable information needed to make the right choice.

At TSE Services, we can help your organization prepare for the inevitable changes in the marketplace and plan strategically for the future.

TSE Services Has Completed 200,000 Member Interviews Since 1997

TSE Services has been conducting extensive market research on a regional and national basis on behalf of the cooperative energy industry for the past eight years.

The defining feature of our approach is to develop tactical information that provides your cooperative management with strategic intelligence on which you can act.

Our best research projects are driven by the cooperatives we serve. When one has an issue they need to explore, we often find a host of others looking into the same area.

We leverage this collective need and field large syndicated surveys that generate significant scale economies and provide a level of market intelligence that no single cooperative could afford alone.

Touchstone Energy’s Cooperative Difference Research

Cooperative Difference Surveys take an objective look at the cooperative value proposition to explore generational communication issues around our efforts to educate consumers of electric cooperatives about the value of their membership.

The 2004 results demonstrate that young members respond very differently to aspects of our business model than do older members.

The results are driving the strategic direction of the Touchstone Energy brand and establishing the tools needed to target messages to individual market segments.

Cooperative Broadband Internet Service Research

Opportunities such as NRTC’s Wild Blue satellite Internet offering and emerging commercialization of broadband over power lines put cooperatives in a unique position to respond to the ‘digital divide’ in their areas.

To make a case for supplying broadband Internet services, cooperatives have turned to TSE Services to assess their local market conditions, measure their members’ response to technology options and explore whether the cooperative is seen as a potential supplier.

Internet Surveys

Over two-thirds of Americans have access to the Internet. As the penetration of Internet users continues to grow, Internet research becomes an increasingly important tool for marketers.  For many cooperatives, the Internet has become an active marketing channel for communications via a website, e- mail and service offerings such as e-commerce and electronic bill payment.

Internet research is an excellent source for quick feedback from your on-line membership. TSE Services can help you develop an on-line survey, post the survey on the Internet, gather and analyze the response data and provide timely, cost-effective results.  Depending on your situation, TSE Services can even host your survey on our web servers.

Cooperative ISP Satisfaction Surveys

TSE Services provides on-line satisfaction surveys for cooperatively owned Internet Service Providers.  A mix of quantitative data and qualitative feedback from ISP users has provided a wealth of intelligence that is being used to refine service offerings and improve customer care.  Response rates of over 30 percent have been achieved.

Product and Services Screening Surveys and Concept Tests

In the spirit of look before you leap, TSE Services has fielded a series of surveys designed to reveal interest in products and services on behalf of energy cooperatives across America. Screening studies are used to identify the top priority products and services and are followed up with detailed concept tests to further explore the best prospects. TSE Services has experience conducting studies with both business and residential members.

Results are used to help cooperatives prioritize which products and services are appropriate for their specific marketplace. To help clients act on this information, TSE Service has used survey results to develop predictive models that allow cooperatives to identify top prospects in direct marketing campaigns.

Appliance Saturation Surveys

TSE Services regularly fields appliance saturation mail surveys on behalf of the 27 cooperatives in North Carolina. These studies return critical and reliable energy market share data for space heating, water heating, air conditioning and a variety of other energy intensive appliances.

In addition, a wealth of demographic data, household characteristics and building stock data are gathered.  This data satisfy survey requirements associated with the load forecast rules for RUS borrowers.

Qualitative Research & Focus Groups

Qualitative research is a great compliment to survey research as it helps cooperative decision-makers go beyond a numeric rating to reveal in-depth customer perception.

TSE Services... 

  • has helped energy cooperatives explore new product and service offerings, customer satisfaction and member loyalty through qualitative research.
  • has experience with a variety of qualitative research projects including focus groups, executive interviews, customer panels and one-on-one interviews.
  • can help you through the entire qualitative research process from participant selection and discussion guide development to analysis and results presentation.


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