Key Account Executive Interview

Key Account Executive Interview

Are You Exceeding the Expectations Of Your Largest Customers?

Electric cooperatives have devoted significant resources, both human and financial, to large commercial and industrial accounts.  How are these programs working and have they been effective in continuing to build positive relationships with large accounts?  How satisfied are your largest customers with your cooperative’s performance?  Are you exceeding their expectations or is your performance in need of an overhaul?

Measuring Satisfaction To Improve Cooperative Service Performance

Gaining an independent view of your key account’s expectations is critically important in today’s competitive energy environment.  As a result, TSE Services has created a customer feedback mechanism to shed valuable light on your key accounts program.

The Key Accounts Executive Interview was developed by electric cooperatives for electric cooperatives to evaluate their performance in a variety of critical areas.

A Customized Approach To Key Accounts Satisfaction Measurement

The Key Accounts Executive Interview provides participating cooperatives the power to evaluate performance on vital program and service attributes.  The survey instrument combines a core battery of analytical questions along with a series of customized qualitative inquiries designed to address issues pertinent to your specific situation.

Experienced electric industry staff with extensive key account exposure conducts all research interviews.  TSE Services staff works with each cooperative to ensure the interview process is a pleasant experience for every key account. Our goal is to deliver an accurate and unbiased report with actionable results and unique insight captured through a series of telephone and face-to-face interviews.

Proven Track Record

TSE Services, owned by North Carolina’s electric cooperatives, has been providing market intelligence to electric cooperatives since 1997. Our Satisfaction Tracking Systems are helping dozens of cooperatives throughout America improve service to their residential and business members every day.


Tim Holder
Director Economic Development and Key Accounts
EnergyUnited,,Statesville, NC
“How do you know if your Key Account program is meeting your customer’s expectations? That was the question we at EnergyUnited wanted to explore.
We hired TSE Services to conduct Executive Interviews with our largest account’s key contacts like Plant Managers, Plant Engineers, and Energy Managers to find out specifics about how our level of service ranks. We received invaluable feedback and actually learned some interesting things about these accounts that we never knew. But more importantly, we identified specific actionable items that these customers wanted. We believe this process is an invaluable tool to assist EnergyUnited in managing its key account efforts.”

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