Marketing and Communication Planning System

Marketing and Communication Planning System

Improve Satisfaction and Loyalty by Marketing the Cooperative Difference

As Touchstone Energy’s market research partner, TSE Services has been investigating strategies to better educate members about our Cooperative Difference with a goal of improving member satisfaction and loyalty.

Our research has produced actionable market intelligence on the cooperative value propositions are most compelling to specific segments of the cooperative membership.

Touchstone Energy is now acting on this research by developing new television ads and a range of marketing collateral that will help cooperatives speak more effectively to their members on the cooperative difference.

Maximize Return on Investment For Your Touchstone Energy Dollars

The Marketing & Communications Planning System fully leverages your investment in Touchstone Energy’s national and regional activities by developing an integrated plan to maximize the return for your co-ops marketing & communications investment.  Use this integrated approach to  Bring The Brand Home.

We Know You Walk the Walk, Now Let Us Help You Talk the Talk

TSE Services will work with your cooperative to develop a strategic communications plan designed specifically for your organization, its members and other key audiences.

Development of the plan will include:

  • An analysis of current market research to determine gaps in member perceptions of key satisfaction and value drivers;
  • A fact-sharing session with key cooperative staff to determine strengths, weaknesses, and communications goals;
  • An analysis of existing marketing and communications programs in the context of your cooperative’s strategic goals;
  • Development of a recommended program that incorporates the key messages revealed by the research, and delivery of those messages to your audiences via the most efficient vehicles;
  • Continual integration with the Member Satisfaction Tracking System, allowing you to add elements to the survey for field measurement of the penetration of your key themes.  This feature allows you to make mid-course corrections to your marketing and communications approach.

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