National Survey on the Cooperative Difference

National Survey on the Cooperative Difference

2020 Cooperative Difference Survey Project Overview

TSE Services, in partnership with Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your membership.

Join our 2020 effort to gain member feedback and discover your cooperative’s strengths and improvement opportunities.

See where you stand on key metrics:

  • Touchstone Energy sponsored metrics
  • Member Engagement Index
  • Reliability and outage response
  • Crisis preparedness and response
  • Attracting businesses and jobs
  • Advocating for affordable energy
  • Doing more to control rising costs
  • Having a goal of low cost
  • Member identity
  • Providing good value
  • Awareness of capital credits
  • Looking out for your best interests
  • Commitment to renewable energy
  • Helping members manage energy costs

Benchmarks are generated from the national data set, allowing your cooperative to compare its performance to cooperatives nationwide on key performance metrics.

Gain insight on the key drivers of member satisfaction and engagement and explore ‘hot button’ issues to guide your communication and marketing strategy

Read direct quotes from your members regarding their views on key issues.

More than 425 cooperatives have been involved in this effort since 2004.

TSE Services mines data from the survey to identify top performing cooperatives to feature in the Best Practices Knowledgebase.

Join us so others can learn from you!

TSE Services, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives’ market research partner, is a division of the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives and has been providing research services exclusively to electric cooperatives from coast to coast for nearly two decades.

For a printable .pdf overview and sign-up form of the 2020 Touchstone Energy Cooperative Difference Survey, download here.

To read a historical compilation of research high points from TSE Services work with Touchstone Energy on the National Survey on the Cooperative Difference, visit

To sign up for the 2020 Touchstone Energy Cooperative Difference Survey, complete this form.


For questions, contact:

Tom Laing, Vice President Research / or call 919.875.3087

Scott Saff, Manager Research Services / or call 919.875.3037


Research Program Options
Survey Segment Pricing Details
RESIDENTIAL MEMBER SURVEY - Base Option Includes 250 RESIDENTIAL member interviews, Touchstone Energy sponsored metrics and cooperative specific report for $11,000.
RESIDENTIAL MEMBER SURVEY - Oversample Option Includes 400 RESIDENTIAL member interviews, Touchstone Energy sponsored metrics and cooperative specific report for $13,500.