Residential Member Satisfaction Tracking

Residential Member Satisfaction Tracking

Member Satisfaction & Engagement: A Never Ending Opportunity

High levels of member satisfaction have been the hallmark of electric cooperatives throughout the United States.  This accomplishment reflects their recognition that enhancing member satisfaction and engagement is a never-ending service opportunity.

To support cooperatives in their pursuit of excellence, TSE Services offers a Member Satisfaction Tracking System that provides continuous and tactically actionable feedback from the membership on the cooperative’s service performance.

Benchmarking: The Surrogate to Competition to Drive Performance

In cooperation with Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, the tracking system incorporates the Touchstone Energy sponsored metrics, allowing you to compare your cooperative’s performance to the nation’s top companies.

Benchmarks on service performance from the growing national pool of over 70 top rated cooperatives using TSE Services’ system provide your cooperative with compelling reach goals on key service elements and service order transactions.

How Does Your Performance With Members Affect Their Perceptions?

The Satisfaction Tracking System provides detailed feedback on all aspects of the cooperative’s interaction with its residential members so that targeted improvements can be implemented and progress measured.  The process involves selecting and surveying a sample of members who have recently had the following types of contact:

  1. Right-of-way
  2. Outage
  3. New service
  4. General service
  5. Call center contacts
  6. Diversified product users
  7. Walk-ins

An eighth instrument is given to the general membership to provide comparative ratings for the transaction specific survey results.

A sample of each contact population is selected as frequently as every month from the cooperative’s master-file and service order systems to ensure that opinions expressed are top-of-mind and to provide an opportunity for timely follow-up if problems are uncovered in the course of the interview.

Member Service Leads

Members who express concerns or report unresolved issues during the interview are asked if they would like follow-up from the cooperative.  Contact information for members who desire follow-up are forwarded to the cooperative by e-mail weekly along with the issues that were expressed.

Verbatim transcripts of member comments are also provided in monthly and quarterly reports by contact type, allowing staff to better understand ratings received and to diagnose areas for potential improvement.


Survey results are analyzed and tabulated on a monthly and quarterly basis to provide on-going and timely feedback. Reports include:

  • Trends in overall Touchstone Energy sponsored metrics satisfaction scores
  • Member identity and Member Engagement Index
  • Performance ratings by service attribute
  • Benchmarks from the participant pool
  • Member retention and loyalty measures
  • Verbatim comments from members
  • Key drivers analysis and performance gaps

Custom Survey Elements

Cooperatives use the tracking system as a ready platform for exploring and tracking their members’ perceptions in such as:

  • Cooperative difference awareness
  • Advertising penetration by age cohort
  • Capital credit preferences
  • Credit card fees for billing remittance
  • Media preferences for outage notification
  • Feedback on newsletter content

Operational Metric Overlays

TSE Services now integrates operational data from your business systems to demonstrate the ‘smoking gun’ links between perception and your operational performance, augmenting the diagnostic power of member satisfaction data.

Proven Track Record

TSE Services, owned by North Carolina’s electric cooperatives, has been providing custom market research intelligence to electric cooperatives since 1997.  Our Member Satisfaction Tracking Systems have been operating since 1997 and are currently used by over fifty leading cooperatives across America.